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Position yourselves as the leaders in the South Florida pet industry. In a high competition market, having a complete and optimized go-to market strategy is key for beating out your competitors.

Property Listing Website Strategy and SEO

Selling and renting properties is a traditional business that creates wealth indiscriminately for those who adapt to modern techniques. Luckily, our team  helps agencies and brokers do just that. We build beautiful, mobile-friendly websites for real estate brokers and teams to advertise their property listings on sever. We believe that you can’t sell a property unless you have potential buyers looking at it. We build real estate websites that work to bring in as many homes seekers as possible and convert them into leads and ultimately sales. We have worked side by side with realtors who are just getting started as well as veteran entrepreneurs with long-standing businesses create eye-catching floor plans and professional photography!

Leads Management – Get a simple to use interface for managing your leads easily, while capturing customer details such as email, phone number, source, and assigned realtor.

Performance Tracking – Track all your real estate deals online with improved customer retention efficiency.

Easy Administration – Assign properties and real estate agents in just a few clicks. Display agents info and get leads with capture contact forms.

Property Map and Location – Automatically display the property address and location on the search map.

Description and Price – Put your sales skills to the test with compelling property descriptions and cost information.

Property Tours Schedule – Give your audience the ease of online appointment scheduling through the website.

Property Details and Features- Display property info in a modern style with features lists, icons, downloadable attachments, private notes and more listed below!

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Email Segmented Campaigns

We are a digital marketing company that makes location based segmented email drip campaigns for real estate brokers that way, you can target specific audiences with relevant updates. We also make forms, videos and other content marketing material to get your phone ringing.

Facebook and PPC Advertising

Our service for real estate brokers creates demand & adds quick sales with lead forms. Don’t get banned from Facebook with the latest Facebook ads IOS update, let us take care of it for you! Get more customers & make your listings sells. Call or an appointment and get marketable tips & advanced PPC strategy.

Social Media Strategy

NBDM is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media strategy for real estate brokers. In the past year, our firm has specifically been focused on improving and growing the presence of real estate agents online. We have consulted with several brokers and agencies, both large and small, to assist them in leveraging social media to drive more leads to their business.

Freelance Services

Exciting New Approach

It’s can be difficult trying to adapt to a constantly changing digital landscape. Business owners are now finding time to focus on other projects with our bargain services.

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Daily Backups

Reliable security to prevent unwanted changes to your website when you subscribe to our hosting services.  

Live Chat Support

Exclusive 24/7 customer support is available to members to troubleshoot any web questions! 

Total Security

Each website is issued SSL security and backed up daily for peace of mind while you run your business.


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Perfect website!

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Reliable company!

I have been able to come to Nicholas with any question to get a knowledgable and direct answer. It’s great having someone I can hold accountable and guide me through my digital needs.

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Nick was able to accomplish more in three days what my partner and I couldn’t figure out in three years.

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