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Frequently Asked Questions

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Noone is expected to know everything right away. Below are some common questions and answers.

What's the difference between a landing page, small website, and a complete website?

The landing page is 1 or 2 pages, the small website is 3-5 pages, and the complete website is 6-10 pages.

Do you build eCommerce websites?

We do! However, these projects are typically very large and require a customized quote. Simply contact us and we'll get the proper details.

What if I accidently delete something?

Nothing to worry about.  Websites that are part of our hosting and maintenance package automatically get backed up as a part of our protection. Graphics, logos, and other media we've delivered are kept in our cloud storage for 1 year, simply email us with your request.

How long are the blog articles?

Purchased blog packages include articles around 1500 words.

“I have been able to come to Nicholas with any question to get a confident and direct answer. It’s great having someone I can hold accountable and guide my through my digital needs. “

Brianna Thorn


“Nicholas is by far one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is highly motivated, concise about his expectations, and he is a great entrepreneur. I give him five stars because he is truly amazing.”

Ryan Ely


“Nick was able to accomplish more in 3 days what me and my partner couldn’t figure out in 3 years!”

Roger Krahl

Owner, American Top Team of Sunrise

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